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Certified Sheet Metal's Services and Capabilities

Our top of the line tradesmen and state of the art equipment are second to none.

You can expect our Project Managers to provide the individualized personal service that comes with custom job shop work. We understand each project is unique and treat each one as individual as you.

Laser cutting utilizes a focused high-power laser beam to melt, burn, or vaporize material, ensuring precision and smooth finishes on metals, plastics, and other materials. Plasma cutting, on the other hand, employs a high-velocity jet of ionized gas to conduct electricity from the torch of the cutter to the workpiece, effectively melting the material and blowing the molten metal away.

CSM merges form and function with our architectural sheet metal manufacturing, creating pieces that not only enhance design aesthetics but also serve specific functional roles in structures. With precision craftsmanship, our team delivers sheet metal solutions that seamlessly integrate with architectural visions, ensuring both beauty and practicality.

We pride ourselves on our bespoke sheet metal solutions, offering custom fabrication services tailored to each client's unique specifications and needs. Our seasoned craftsmen blend precision, artistry, and technical expertise, transforming raw materials into intricately designed and functionally superior metal components.

At CSM, we excel in dust collection sheet metal manufacturing, crafting robust systems that ensure cleaner, safer, and more efficient industrial environments. Our precision-fabricated components optimize airflow and filtration, making us a trusted partner for industries seeking top-tier dust management solutions

We excel in HVAC metal manufacturing, producing durable and efficient components tailored to meet the unique demands of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Leveraging our expertise in sheet metal fabrication, we ensure precision-crafted products that enhance the performance and longevity of HVAC installations.

We don't just fabricate exceptional sheet metal components, we also provide expert installation services to ensure they function seamlessly within your infrastructure. Our experienced team ensures that each piece is meticulously installed, guaranteeing longevity, efficiency, and the high standards our clients have come to expect.

Our expertise extends beyond sheet metal fabrication to include top-tier structural welding services, ensuring the strength and integrity of your projects. Our certified welders employ advanced techniques to guarantee durable connections, solidifying our reputation as a leader in comprehensive sheet metal solutions.

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